Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ouch. Stop That.

I had, on my birthday, declared 28 my best year yet. Apparently the universe took this as a challenge to try and kick me very hard in the proverbial nuts. Repeatedly. Yesterday I got my initial test results back from some blood work and kids, it's scary. So scary in fact that they are sending me to a new doctor with an even scarier title. Hearing the man's specialty made me start to shake and cry and in my office. Then I came home, opened the emergency box of Girl Scout cookies and cried some more. So bear with me for a day or so while I try and wrap my brain around the fact that today I have to go see an oncologist.


Dimplz said...

Try to stay positive. I don't trust doctors.

kel said...

OOoh......I wish I could say something to make that less scary, but there are no words. Good luck.

Becky said...

Oh wow. I'm so sorry but ... hey they don't know anything yet right?

Hang in there! TRY to stay positive! That's the best medicine. Sorry if it sounds Polly Anna but it's true!

Dora said...

Good God, there are no words! Except to say , I hope for the best and I hope its all a big mistake!
Big hug.