Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Scene From the Day

Today Liz and I had golf lessons. Even after lessons I am still beyond horrible. In fact the 7 year old next to me at the driving range couldn't help but roll his eyes after I somehow launched the ball straight up in the air for the third time. However, I still really like golf as A) you get to hit shit and B) afterwards there are cocktails. While drinking said cocktails we had the following conversation that brought joy to my heart.

Liz: You know, technically what we did was not golfing. By calling what we do 'golf' we would be bringing shame to the sport. I think I actually glof.

Me: Honey, I aspire to glof. What I do is flog.

If you don't find this funny I recommend drinking a very strong drink involving the vodka, then reread it.


kel said...

It was funny. But, can I recommend drinking WHILE golfing or floging? It makes it so much more fun. And, I swear, after a couple of drinks, you'll actually be good.....

Dora said...

That was hilarious! So now I know that I flog, cause it certainly ain't golf.
How about starting a new trend with flog clothes and maybe flog courses for all the flog aficionados ... Oh wait a minute, isn't that BDSM?