Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ouch Ouch Boogie

Here's something fun, imagine if you will that you are sitting at home on your one night in, relaxing and decide to clean out the text message in box in your cell phone. Since it's 2008 this message box fills up in a week so you have to constantly prune. You go back through the messages and boom, 40 messages from the boy who most recently broke your heart. Messages you thought you deleted but apparently did not. Messages that were once incredibly cute and flirty. Now? Now the messages are Bad. And Painful. And now, you do the ouch ouch boogie. Which if you are me means deleting them and then text messaging friends about the motherfucking sadness. Friends are good and I love mine dearly, especially when they respond to the messages after 4 weeks of messaging about pain and say that I am awesome. And I can't even drink of the vodka as tomorrow's is girl's night and my liver needs a reprieve.

Ok... maybe just one.

Stupid phone.


kel said...

Maybe you just need one shot. You know, to help you sleep...

gamerbri said...

oh man I know I always hate doing this. Even worst is doing the Email version sucks big time.