Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Scene From the Day

A coworker asked me what I am doing for the Long Weekend. My response was 'Vegas!'... this was the conversation that followed:

Her: Don't let them have all your money!

Me: Oh, I don't gamble at all. I drink.

Her: Oh, so you'll just hang at the nickel slots?

Me: No... at the bar. Closer to the alcohol

Her: You are going to pay for drinks in Vegas?!?

Me: No. I'm a girl. That's why God invented boobs.

She had no response to this.

I then went home and signed online. A 24 year old I used to work with IM'd me, catching me off guard. Apparently he thinks I am 'awesome' and wants to take me to dinner. I am being courted by a fetus. Oh and while sitting outside at a restaurant the boy who most recently broke my heart got stopped at a stoplight 2 feet away from me. It's been that kind of week.


Anonymous said...

a few weeks ago i went bra shopping and this is the conversation i had with the sales woman

Her: that bra makes your boobs look bigger than they are and pushes them up, why dont you try this one

Me: no thanks, that's the point

Her: what is?

Me: to make my boobs look bigger and push them up... that's why it's a push-up bra...

yeah... i dont understand how some women haven't learned the power their boobs have.

enjoy vegas!

gamerbri said...

Damn it you women just know our weaknesses don't you. Vegas and a nice set of boobies? Damn it you won't have to go into your pocket at all. lucky lucky girl you

Summer said...

Definitely one of our strengths. My boss is a jerk to just about everybody but me. Why? Boobs. Only problem is, I don't think he has realized that there is a head attached to them.
Oh well. You win some you loose some.