Friday, August 29, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Tonight I drive myself, Liz and another friend to Vegas. I have been to Vegas exactly 3 times in my life and haven't loved it. Quite the opposite actually. For years I couldn't figure out why, I like booze and shiny things, the end. I think I have recently discovered why: each of those times I was in a committed long term relationship and unable to engage in an age old Vegas tradition of putting my tongue in a stranger's mouth.

I have solved that little problem by becoming a spinster. See, there is an upside to living alone with cats and 80 pounds of cat litter. I knew I would find it one day. And that day? Is tonight. So watch out Vegas, there is a carload of mildly angry at men (ok, mostly me) girls headed straight atcha.

1 comment:

gamerbri said...

Go and enjoy Vegas just don't break too many hearts. OH hell it's vegas break them all. Lol have fun