Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing But Skill and Grace

This afternoon I had a big time meeting with some very important people. About oh, 7 minutes before said meeting I knocked over a just filled glass of water. You see I didn't just knock it over, I knocked it directly on to me. Thus I had to go to the meeting looking like I had just come from a wet tee shirt contest wherein I had also had an issue with bladder control. I walked in and...silence. Finally one gentlemen cleared his throat and said 'have a little accident?' I nodded and pulled the wet hair out of my face and took my seat. At this point we dialed into the conference call. The camera zooms in on me as I turn my head to sneeze. The camera then malfunctions and freezes catching me with my mouth open, head slightly thrown back and eyes screwed shut. Luckily the other people on the call could still hear us, so we continued... with my face, ten feet wide, frozen in a sneeze on the screen for the duration of the call.

It's always fun to walk out of a meeting and about thirty seconds later hear the whole room burst into laughter. Luckily, I am used to looking like a giant jackass (though generally less wet) so I laughed too. Then I came home, put on dry clothes and wrote about it on the internet. And then I ate cookie dough as I am 12. A 12 year old with access to vodka.


gamerbri said...

lol ok now this is a vodka story if ever there is one.

kel said...

When loooking like a jackass, it helps if you drink lots of vodka. Preferrably before, but after helps, too.

Dora said...

OMG! I am so sorry for you. I think I would have just died. You know, this really makes you strong! So much so, that everything looks easy by comparison?