Thursday, October 16, 2008

And I'm Back!

I have returned from Costa Rica in mostly one piece. All I can really say is that it is the most beautiful place I have ever been and I urge everyone who is considering it to GO. GO IMMEDIATELY. However... when there avoid the zip lines. Take this from a girl who has done it and well, almost died. You see, I hit a tree. Head first. Thus, I have a lot of bruises, a scraped face and a mild concussion. I am truly lucky I got away without further injury and am so happy that I had decided to leave my glasses at home that morning. Also thankful it was the last day of the trip and all I had to do after that was hop on a plane and point my ass back towards California. Due to the injury I am not running at full speed. So instead of a full post today I will just put in some pictures and call it good. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling a bit better and can put the trip into words.

The beach at Santa Teresa:

Dogs avoiding the rain storm at the dock:

Best bar EVER:

The town of Playa Carmen:

Sunset somewhere over Belize:

View from the ferry:

Yoga Studio at the hotel:

Outside view of our suite:

The infamous zip line:

View from zip line:

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Chuck said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you're back and mostly in one piece. Looking forward to hearing the details...