Monday, October 06, 2008

Wow, I Really Am A Geek

Exhausted does not even come close to describing what I am at the moment. I worked all weekend at a nerd convention and between the stress and the standing for 3 days straight and the stress I am an empty shell of faceless blogger.

On the plus side, I fully realize what a flaming geek I am now. See I work in a nerdy industry but have always been just slightly off to the side making fun of people. Well, this weekend I was the one they all made fun of. Why? What could have happened t do this? Well, I saw the stars of the documentary King of Kong in person, took a picture with the ref (seriously, watch the movie, so freaking good) and then saw one Marcia Brady walking around. All of these facts caused me to geek out in a really unbecoming manner and then clutch my chest as I realized 'Gasp! I AM a nerd!' A startling realization, I assure you.

But now, I am getting comfortable in my nerd-itude. But that may be the overwhelming fatigue talking. Now excuse me while I go make my assistant go with me to reflexology. Our feet hurt and I have to pay someone to punch me in the leg, it's been far too long.

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gamerbri said...

LOL wow I didn't know we worked in the same field. I know the nerd convention you are talking about. I was going to go but I had to move that weekend. Now here is the thing these conventions use to be much worst. LOL