Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now That Was Fun

Last night I had my first official improv show. Man, I need some more of that. It was awesome and the high I felt afterward still has not worn off. However, I would very much like to do without the nerves and the creepiness.

Before the show I was so nervous I wanted to alternately vomit or flee, sometimes both at once. The nerves didn't start when I arrived at the theater which would have been logical. No, they started around 11AM. Which meant I had to work while shaking, answer questions while shaking and generally not climb under my desk, while shaking. It's very difficult to be a Serious Business Person when all you want to do is weep and keep having visions of yourself peeing your pants on stage and running away in shame. Try having that in your head when you do a video conference call. People on the other end will repeatedly say 'are you ok, you seem... tense.' That definitely soothes the nerves.

All the shaking was not needed though as the show went really well. To celebrate the team went out for drinks afterwards which is when the creepy began. First there was a man who appeared to have spent the last year of his life in a scotch bottle. He took a liking to my friend and kept complimenting her in a very odd manner, but only after repeatedly rubbing my shoulders. Finally I told him that if he touched me again I would beat him with my shoe. Scotch man decided it was time to leave the bar. (I'm awesome). Then finally one of my weirder classmate (he was an Ultimate Fighting Champion for a living, let that sink in) had this conversation:

'You should punch me in the face. I love it!'

'Thanks, I'll pass'

'I bet you never punched someone in the face'

'That's where you would be mistaken. I punched an ex in the face after I found out he was cheating on me'

'So you like cheaters, huh? I'm a cheater. Don't tell my girlfriend (who was sitting 2 feet away). But you should give me your number, you know since you like my kind'

It was at this point he tried to hug me and I lit myself on fire and left the bar. Let me just, for the record, state that was the weirdest attempt to get in my pants ever. Because you would think he was joking and I say A) he's not that good and B) dead earnest. So, truly very odd. But, yay improv.


kel said...

Dude, what happened after the improv. show is the best part of the story. And I seriously don't understand why you wouldn't want to give that guy your number?

Chuck said...

I would have worried if you did pee your pants, it hasn't bothered Fergie's popularity at all....

Me thinks that dude has been punched in the face one too many times.

That is pretty awesome that you punched your ex in the face. I've read you from the College Humor days and I don't remember that part of the story. Nicely done.


AJ said...

I wonder if I can guess which guy this is. Can't wait to see if I am right...