Monday, September 01, 2008

Yeah, That Was Fun

Vegas is awesome, but potentially out of vodka. And champagne. Just just be aware of that if you are planning a trip anytime soon. I achieved all goals and made out with a man who was both a professional lacrosse player (who knew there was a pro lacrosse league?) and an amateur underwear model. He was very pretty and I believe, 24. I flirted my ass off, danced, went to an awful, awful club and ended up on a rooftop deck overlooking all of Las Vegas

There are many, many stories but in telling them would violate the girl code of honor. However I will tell you this detail, if you were on a certain floor of a certain hotel and saw two girls BOLTING past you, one of which was holding her bra in her hand, had her shirt on backwards and inside out and was missing her glasses, you should have stopped them and said hi, because one of them was me. Perhaps I would have made you retrieve said glasses instead of poor sleeping friend.

I am generally much more well behaved than I was this weekend. I have discovered that is very boring. I much more prefer this, except, perhaps, with less vomit. Again, that one was me.

Thanks Vegas, you're a peach.


gamerbri said...

LOL I knew it was in you to be a bad girl. or good girl depends on which side of the story you are on. But It's great you had a good time. you are so going to have give out some details.

Anonymous said...

yay for good times!

liz said...

You deserve praise, as you put ALL of the vomit in the toilet. That is the sign of true friendship, as it was the toilet in my hotel room.

(to the tune of Golden Girls)
Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the hall...and back again....

kel said...

Good God, woman! Where were you when I went to Vegas??? Too funny.