Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Claw

I have many, many addictions in life. One of those is the claw machine. Here's the deal, I kick ass at them. No really. It's rare I walk away without a prize. This addiction however proved to me and my family that I should not be allowed in public.

We had just eaten lunch at a chain restaurant in Phoenix and were headed out when we spotted the game. I immediately reverted into a ten year old, hopped up and down then demanded quarters from my mother. With a dollar in change my brother and I hit up The Claw (oh yeah, I totally pulled him into my shenanigans). Two minutes later we had each won. My mom got caught up in the fever and fed me more change as I tried to win the matching gingerbread man. This is when things went awry. I was just about to grab it when a Sponge Bob toy shifted and totally cock blocked me. Forgetting where I was I shouted out, very loudly 'Sponge Bob fucked my shit up!'. This is when my mom gasped, cleared her throat and pointed to the family of 4 standing slightly behind me with their mouths agape.

I backed away from the machine, raised my chin with pride and muttered 'well, he did' because I am mature. Then I took my reindeer toy and went home. Sadly I don't think we can ever eat there again, which would be ok as the food sucks, but that's a damn fine claw machine.


Anonymous said...

The bar i frequent has a claw... and you can shout that sutff all you want... lol. i can just imagine though...

Bellacantare said...

LOL, LOL. love.