Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

Yesterday my 15 year old brother and I were sitting around and listening to music. I played him a song by Amos Lee (The Arms of a Woman, seriously, go check it out, it will change your life). He nodded along to the music and after the song ended we had this conversation:

M: Pretty, huh?

H: Yeah... not as good as the song I just wrote though.

M: Oh yeah? What's it called?

H: All the Ho's in the House Get Crunked.

And then I my head exploded. So to get him back I chased him into the living room, pinned him down and made me look at my GIANT hickey (oh, did I not mention that?). Apparently when seeing my hickey he freaks out and his soul melts as it reminds him that his sister is A) possibly a ho and B) a person outside of the awesome sister role. After I figured his soul was completely dead I let him go and then ate a cookie.

This is how we celebrate Christmas in my house. It's a love fest kids.


Chuck said...

So you're going to leave us hanging about how you got the hickey?

I definately think that he should put that song out on youtube. It sounds like something I could get into...

Merry Christmas, ODD.


Chuck said...

Also, it must not be that boring if you got a hickey. Unless you got into a fight with a vacuum....