Thursday, December 04, 2008


Internet it is 2AM and I just got home. Being as I have to get up in oh, 4.5 hours I decided it was a good idea to not sleep and instead tell you about my life. I am incredibly responsible like that.

Tonight I went to a club on Sunset to listen to a friend's brother's band play. Generally I avoid Sunset as I am a giant nerd and they don't like my kind. I wear jeans and Chuck Taylor's. Sunset likes girls who wear spandex and giant heels. However, this weird little club was Nerd City, USA, and so I blended. I also drank many beers which helped the blending in and well, beer tastes good and it makes the cold outside more tolerable. You see it was in the 50's and in LA we categorize that as 'arctic'. Ergo I am a smidgen drunk at 2AM on a Wednesday, but I am toasty warm. Excellent trade off says me. And again, incredibly responsible. I can't stress that enough.

Before I went to the club to drink of the beers and listen to the music I went to acupuncture. This time was a wee bit different as she put needles in no no places. I am here to tell you there is nothing more awkward than having a slight Polish woman prod your pubic bone and then put needles in your bathing suit area. NOTHING. I could walk down Melrose naked and the acupuncture would still win the awkward award. However, the needles made me feel better, so again, excellent trade. Now if she only served beer in her office the night would have truly come full circle and I would have an appropriate way to end this blog. But she doesn't and she discourages beer drinking in general, so all I can say is yay music, yay needles in uncomfortable places and yay sleep which I will hopefully soon do.

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jeremyandgirls said...

I think my awkward is worse...laser hair removal on the naughty bits. The girl straight out asked me if I wanted my crack done. And of course, I did. So - she had me roll onto my side and spread my ass apart so she could use the laser gun on my bootie crack.

I think I could deal with acupuncture better than that experience.