Monday, December 15, 2008


I have a cold. Due to this fact I am acting like a petulant four year old and unable to blog. Instead I am Vapo rubbing my feet and bemoaning my state. I am a joy to be around, I assure you. Being as I slept 18 hours yesterday I am a wee bit better today and should be fully recovered by tomorrow (at least that's what I keep telling my body). Just know this, it's raining in Los Angeles and has been for the last 12 hours. All that can mean is the end is close. Kiss your loved ones.

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liz said...

Notes from the land where water leaks from the heavens, day 3: still raining. We in Southern California have lost all hope of ever seeing the sun and have thus sunk into a collective depression.

Please write something to cheer us up.