Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

I am back in La La Land and remarkably happy about this. Here I have a comfortable bed, kittens and don't have to hear my mom say things like 'lubed up'.


The context of this was during dinner. We had all been drinking a little (or a lot) and I dropped butter in my lap. I drunkenly said 'oh man, I have butter on my crotch.' My mom literally lost her shit and laughed for a good 30 minutes. Later I asked her what was so funny exactly, perhaps the use of the worst word in the English language, crotch? She said no. It was the thought of 'well at least she's all lubed up!'.

Doesn't this explain so much about me? I think it does.

Side note, boys suck. You knew this however. But just a note to the fellas out there ( namely Chuck and GamerBri as I don't think there are any other dudes actively reading this here little blog) but, if you are not in a 'relationship-y' place, perhaps you should tell a girl this before bedding her and leaving her with 2 GIANT hickeys 20 minutes before her drive back home for the holidays. Just consider this a tip from me to you as it will prevent anyone from going white girl crazy on you and/or hating you from afar. On the plus side, I own many scarves and turtle necks so it all worked out ok.


gamerbri said...

LOL after laughing for about 10 mins and explaining it to the soon to be wife. I have to tell you, you have a good point. He most for sure wanted to bed the sexy M. But look at it this way, you got a great story out of it. Hey I try.

Uscar said...

Be assured that there are at least 3 dudes actively reading this blog, as I have been lurking via RSS reader since you started. And thanks for the advice: hickeys AFTER the break up. Got it!

Anonymous said...

Make it four...Been here since NYC. I look forward to reading it daily, well unless you let me down!

Anonymous in Colorado

Conrad said...

I got five on it. Keep the laughs coming.

Chuck said...

Here's the problem with that. If we tell you before hand, you won't let us give you hickies or bed you....

Seriously, though. I'm sorry you have such shit luck with the guys. I hear turning gay is the latest rage, though. Just ask Ms. Lohan.