Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Fun Times

Dudes, I have been blog slacking. My sincerest apologies. I was distracted by things, shiny things mostly, and thus forgot about this here little blog. However, I am now home for Christmas and am very, very bored. I love my home and my family, however it's not exactly action packed. It is the opposite of as a matter of fact. It's akin to watching paint dry. Really boring paint, not the glitter kind.

I tried to up the action tally by taking up jogging but discovered that jogging is really very boring. I don't know what exactly gave me the idea that it would be fun and a good way to clear my head, but all I can say is: no, it is not a good idea. Also the only 'thinking' I got done whilst jogging was 'ok, so this isn't hard... but sweet christ is it dull. With the up and down and doing nothing, I don't get it'. Literally that's all I thought for 15 minutes, so I then turned around, went home and went to sleep. I live on the edge.

Also keeping me occupied here, besides the never ending parade of pajama pants and cookies, is the fact that today I get to engage in some super fun times... online traffic school. That means for 6 hours I get to stare at my computer and answer such thought provoking questions such as 'what does a stop sign mean?' I was tempted to say 'hit the children in the cross walk' but decided against it. If you think I am kidding they also asked me 'what color is your hair'. Yeah. This is certified by the LA Superior Court. I think they basically look at Britney Spears, figure out what level of question she can answer and then up it a single notch. I could take this test drunk. Wait. That gives me an idea. I think it's time to break into the holiday vodka preserve. This party is about to get started. Buckle up.


liz said...

I condone this plan. But save some of the strategic holiday vodka reserve for me. Please.

kel said...

Traffic school and drinking? Brilliant.