Monday, December 08, 2008

The Greatest Gift of All

The best part of December are all the weird gifts I get from companies I work with. Generally there is no rhyme or reason and more often than not it's food. I once got a really large knit hat and that was the closest I got to anything that could be considered seasonal. However, today I got the greatest gift EVER. It's an old school metal lunch box and inside is the following: a coffee mug, fancy hot chocolate and... wait for it... peppermint Schnapps. Now I'm a festive alcoholic on the go!

It's like they looked into my soul and picked the perfect gift. Now all the need to do is send me a pony and I'll name my first born after them.


kel said...

If that's a gift from a company you work with, then I'd say it's a green light for you to drink at work.

gamerbri said...

oh damn now that is a great gift to get. drink away girl and enjoy it.