Friday, May 29, 2009


Kids, I've hit bottom. Honestly I didn't think I could be any more shocked or hurt than I was. Until today. Today I discovered that Texas signed up for a dating site within a week of our break up. And the pictures he used? Ones I took on our trips. Every. Single. One.

The first photo? In my family's backyard. The second? On our trip to New York. The third? Trip to Austin where he introduced me to his childhood friends. Oh and the 4th? Why I do believe that was after my best friend's memorial. Oh and the descriptions? Jokes we had. Books he listed that he just read? Ones I gave him as presents because they were my favorites and knew he had a lot of flights for work coming up and may be bored.

Heart, meet blender.

All I can say is that I truly hope it doesn't get any worse because I honestly can't take it. I'm done with pain, done with hurting and done with him. Now excuse me while I go lose my lunch.


Samantha said...

I think you fell in love with someone who did not really exist. As much as you loved Texas, it sounds like you loved the person you thought he was (or that he portrayed himself to be). So mourn the loss of the person you thought you knew, and don't mourn whoever this person is at all...

{{{hugs}}} I have SO been there and I hope you feel better soon.

been there said...

well i'm just gonna say it. asshole. i know types like this. fell madly in love with one and in retrospect i seriously wonder if he's a psychopath for seeming to have no feelings what so ever. i moved on and now consider that break up the best day of my life. seriously, i know it hurts terribly, but you dodged a bullet

Dimplz said...

Sometimes I think men think women whom they meet in online dating sites are disposable. It's a sad realization I am coming to terms with, because they seem to lack all propriety and skip straight to sex talk before even meeting you. I really don't think it's tasteful and I am sorry this happened to you. The morning I got my "breakup" email the guy was back on the wagon. Or maybe he never really got off. Who knows?

walt said...

I must confess that I did once use a picture on a dating site that was taking on vacation with my ex-girlfriend. It was a few months later. Nevertheless, she was pissed when she saw it.

One thing to be aware of is that guys get over things and move on quicker than women do. We just do. And look at it this way - you take great pictures and have good taste in books, so by including all your stuff in his profile, he's actually giving you a compliment.

I'm not sure I really agree with the other poster who said that guys look at women they meet on dating sites as disposable, but I do think it's true that the availability of these sites and all the choices out there has caused both sexes to be inclined to break a relationship up as soon as they determine that it's not perfect or exciting any more. A Japanese businessman once told me that he thought Americans have too much freedom, by which he meant that too many choices can lead to unhappiness. There's a point there.