Friday, May 15, 2009

The Things I Do For Friends

Tomorrow I am boarding a teeny plane all on my lonesome to go to a wedding.In South Dakota. Texas had originally planned to go with me, but well, him breaking up with me kind of put an end to that. To say that I am terrified of said teeny plane would be an understatement of EPIC proportions. However, I am going to a state I've never been to and will witness two of my favorite people get married. This will be good.

For the last week I have been in a lot of pain. I've been kind of stuck in a 'woe is me' kind of heartache. It's been all encompassing. All I could think about was that I have to go to this wedding alone and will have no one to dance with. Selfish, right? I mean, this weekend is in no way about me. It's about these two wonderful people who have found love and are sharing it with us, their friends. Luckily my mom kind of mentally kicked the shit out of me the other day and knocked some sense into me. I'm still in pain and still cry roughly every 5 minutes, but I am going to enjoy myself, dammit. I am going to go drink wine and take pictures and visit weird things like this. I will make tourists take pictures of me. I will not freak out on the plane. (ok, I will, but whatever)But most importantly I will keep reminding myself that this is about friends, not me. I will toast them and dance, even if it's by myself.

And I will more than likely cling to the stranger beside me on the teeny plane. I apologize in advance, you lucky SOB.

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gamerbri said...

i feel for you that is for sure. as someone that is kind of in the same boat. things like this can be rough to say the least.