Monday, May 18, 2009

I Made It

Dudes, I survived the wee, teeny, tiny, little plane. (Thank you Xanax) It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought except for one brief moment when the pilot got permission to fly by Mount Rushmore at a low altitude. I don't know if you've ever flown over mountains in something the size of a shoe but I recommend you do it significantly higher than we did if you don't want to be shaken like a rag doll. DID NOT LIKE. The only other part that sucked was landing. It feels like you are headed straight towards earth in a not good kind of way. Thankfully it all worked out and I made it safely home to my kittens.

Other notes from the weekend -

- The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad I went

- The reception was at the one winery in all of South Dakota. The wine I enjoyed? Called Phat Hogg. Yeah. It was oddly delicious.

- I'm going to save you $20... Mount Rushmore looks just like the pictures and the Crazy Horse Memorial is just a dude's head carved into the side of a mountain. There. Now you don't have to go.

- Apparently in South Dakota appetites will return. The cause of this? Lots of stores selling homemade fudge.

- Homemade fudge tastes even better at 3AM.

- After said beautiful wedding we went to a local bar called The Mangy Moose. You can not make that up.

- If going to the Mangy Moose I recommend walking in with a bunch of city kids in suits and dresses, you can actually hear the record scratch as everyone turns to stare.

- Apparently I go over well in South Dakota. A toothless man in a bar complimented my legs a lot and asked everyone if I was single. Fun times.

- Never, ever put on a tie that a drunk groomsman throws at you. The tie will inevitably have a zipper mechanism that will get stuck and people will have to hold your head whilst pulling on said tie to get it off. This will hurt. It will also be an occasion for photo ops.


Chuck said...

Yay!! Glad you made it back in one piece.

I hope that getting away for the weekend was theraputic for you, Dear.

Remember, Alcohol + Friends = Healing. I think that is written in the Bible.


Conrad said...

You should have asked said drunk groomsmen for help instead of enlisting the help of the other drunk groomsmen. Nice catch by the way.