Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Accident Prone Kind of Day

Seriously, after today I am shocked I still have all my limbs. If I have carried it today, I have dropped it. And beyond. Tonight Ms. Liz came to keep me company while I baked. I decided in light of the not so fun-ness that is Valentine's Day I would make red velvet cake balls, side note, mine look nothing like the picture but they are quite tasty. I mixed the cake and put it in the oven then sat on my kitchen stool to talk. We then moved to the living room. About 20 minutes later, when I got up to check on the cake, Liz noticed red dye all over my ass. It was then we realized that I had sat in cake mix on my kitchen stool and then transfered it to my couch. Good times. So I hopped around and ran in small circles panicking then promptly took off my skirt and soaked it in the sink. Liz has now seen me in my panties. Such is life.

Cut to 2 hours later when I spill the chocolate I have just melted all over my hands. 3rd degree burns are totally in this season, so I'm good. I then while cleaning the chocolate bowl dropped it and had it shatter. For my finale I realized that my phone was in my skirt pocket that was currently soaking in my bathroom sink. I.Am.AWESOME. Phones totally work after spending an hour submerged in water, right? RIGHT?

On a side note, yet again, yesterday's post made me think of a friend's story. A good friend of hers grew up in Boston. When he was around 7 his mom took him and his older brother to Target. When they went to get into the elevator Donny Walhberg was getting off. His mom, knowing he was a BIG fan of New Kids, and really, who wasn't in 1987, (shut up, you know you were) pushed him and his brother towards Donny for an autograph. His brother totally stepped up to the plate and got the autograph. The hero of our story? Hid behind a car, cried and shit his pants. Yeah. He did. His mom occasionally over dinner , especially when he brings a new lady friend home, likes to say 'remember that time that you shit your pants because of Donny Wahlberg?' And this is why I want kids. Especially kids that are easily frightened.

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Dora said...

Put the spatula down and walk away from the anyone else gets hurt!!!

And as for torturing our kids....hell yea....that's the reward you get for all those hours of pain and labour you went through to push them out into the world. Payback time...hehehehe
(I have 2 boys)