Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Young Again

I am officially 14...again. I am angsty, I am broken out and damnit, life is just really unfair (arm tossed dramatically over face). My body is not dealing well with the stress currently. Last time I went through something like this I got crazy skinny due to the not being able to eat. That? Was awesome. Sure I was depressed and contemplating jumping off buildings but my ass looked fantastic.

This time not so much. To begin with if its made of food I'll eat it and then it's coupled with the fact that I am living like an pissy teen. I am listening to music too loudly and complaining to my mom that she just doesn't understand me. (that sentence must be read in a severely whiny voice).I also have a pimple roughly the size of Antarctica. They can see it from space. It's supremely attractive I assure you. All this is put together with enough angst to fuel a new Nirvana album. It's so bad I'm annoying myself, which is difficult as generally I think I'm pretty rad, although apparently with a vocabulary from the 1980's.

I am hoping this passes soon as I did 14 once and it sucked. This repeat is significantly less fun although it does come with some perks. Namely I am of legal drinking age and and capable of making some amazingly bad decisions. Now who out there wants to throw on some flannel, blast The Cure and get a tattoo? Just me? Rock and roll.


liz said...

I get the loud music and desire for a tattoo, but the flannel crosses a line. As for the continent sized new friend who's visiting your face, have you named her yet? I think it annoys them when you give them names and then address them constantly. They seem to leave faster. Maybe try to strike up a conversation about the effects of OPEC on the global economy. I swear, more effective than clearasil.

Chuck said...

I, too, am just getting out of a depressive funk. I didn't even realize it until something happened yesterday that made me feel like a weight had been lifted off me. Total difference.

Here's to you having that same experience. I really hope things turn around for you soon. You should have some pretty great karma coming your way soon.