Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keeping Occupied

When going through rough events I tend to take up a hobby. It keeps my mind occupied and from wallowing in depression. When I was re-acclimating to America after living abroad I took up crocheting because nothing says I'm a rockin' 24 year old like a series of handmade scarves. My dad died and I started writing. After my last break up I took up weeping uncontrollably and drunk dialing the ex. It was a really proud time in my life that I have decided to not repeat. So this time I am weighing my options and am currently thinking of taking up the guitar. Why you ask? Because I am tone deaf. And that'll be fun for my neighbors and friends. They'll HAVE to listen you see, because it's the break up hobby. They'll have to be supportive while I strum incorrectly and belt out my off key rendition of Tiny Dancer. (Side note, I sing this song often, especially when drunk and always off key, but it will be fun to add in some accompaniment). Don't believe me? Please look at Consulting Girl and the horrible scarf I made her wear around even though it was July.

I'm a giver. Time to look up guitars.


Chuck said...

I am trying to learn the guitar. The fact that I have no musical talent is of no obstacle to me. In fact, the only musical talent I have is I can rock out an MP3 player like a superstar.

The only song I can play on the guitar is Louie Louie over and over again.


Dora said...

You are too adorable!!!
Yes, take up the guitar and have fun with it, I am sure your neighbors will agree!

Anonymous said...

Do it! Or how about a banjo? I think you'd look great pick pick picking along on a banjo! Tiny Dancer-blue grass style :) I can fly out and help with back up vocals if necessary-after all we do harmonize in our tone deaf greatness!

Anonymous said...

BTW-in the post above anonymous=your friend Christina
I am having a hard time with the technology
Just in case you have harmonized with anyone else while singing Tiny Dancer at which point I may become a little jealous! Ha!

Consulting Girl said...

Hey! I liked that scarf. And as I keep my apartment at a frigid 55 year round, that scarf was an appropriate summer acessory. The sweating, angry delivery guy liked it.