Saturday, February 23, 2008

We've Decided I'm a Super Hero

Tonight at dinner Ms. Liz and I decided that I may actually be a super hero, and just not aware of it. I have a uniform: snowman pajama pants and tiara. I have a skill: ability to record stupidity via written word and photo. Oh and I can drink bottles of wine in a single bound. Ergo, totally a hero. I think I will start to put this on my resume.

And now an open letter:

Dear Girl From College that I Keep Seeing All Over Town:

Hi. I get it, we hated each other 6 years ago. (Perhaps you are my nemesis, thus relating to earlier part of blog?) You are pretentious. And a bitch. I assume you still are as every time we see each other you very obviously duck your head and scamper away. It kind of makes me want to run up to you and give you a big ol' hug and kiss. You have been warned. Ergo, take head out of ass, put college behind you, and stop acting like an idiot, smile, move on and realize that when you make a big show out of ignoring me I CAN SEE YOU. Seriously. Because if you keep doing it and I see you when I'm drunk, I will probably make a big show out of seeing you and lick your face. This may be why you hate me. Whatever.

Hugs and kisses (seriously dude, it will happen)

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