Saturday, February 09, 2008

Orange Hat

I have a theory that all stupid and/or generally idiotic people should be given orange hats. Why is this, you ask? So that we, the non idiots, can identify them at a distance and reroute. Perhaps they should be given their own lane on the freeway too. I can just see it now, people driving nestled up other people's bumpers and one guy, going 10 miles below the posted speed limit with his blinker on. In an orange car. Hats are hard to see on the freeway.

The entire row that sat behind me during tonight's performance of Wicked would not only get hats but perhaps be dyed orange so as to make their idiocy more obvious. I will expound on this tomorrow. Until then, just know that I deserve a medal for not stabbing them in the eyes with a rusty spoon.

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