Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day at the Doctor's

Went to the doctor's office today where I had the following conversation:

DR: Do you drink alcohol?

Me: Yes please.

DR: How much would you say?

Me: Well, generally not much, maybe one glass of wine a week, but in the past couple of weeks, roughly all the wine in California. I guess over a lifetime that would average out to 'moderate'.

DR: Mmm hmm. And are you on any prescription medicines?

Me: Birth control

DR: And are you sexually active?

Me: Not at the moment.

DR: Why then are you on the pill?

Me: Hope?

Not a smile. The man just wrote something on his little pad of paper and nodded. I believe what he wrote is 'poor girl, perhaps she needs a drink'. At least that's what I hope. That or he was just doodling the sentence 'I'm awesome' over and over again. As that's what I would do had I actually gone through with medical school.

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Chuck said...

Doctors with no humor suck. Actually, doctors suck no matter what.