Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well That Took a Year Off My Life

So there I was, diligently working for once and studying a chart. I was totally zoned in on it and oblivious to what was going on around me. I looked up to input something into the computer when what do I see? A motherfucking black bear. I repeat, a big, real, BLACK BEAR. He was staring over my cube wall and staring right at me. I of course, being the epitome of grace under pressure, scream 'Oh JESUS!!' and flung my chair backwards, rolling into my cabinet and knocking over roughly 15 binders.

That's when the guys who were rolling the giant, real, stuffed black bear through my office appeared around the sides and apologized. They said they didn't realize anyone was sitting there and they were just resting the bear for a second. Then I started laughing. And they started laughing. And a coworker from across the office ran up brandishing a ruler, ready to take on the foes that she heard me scream at, and asked what was going on. It took me about 15 minutes to get the story out.

Hilarious. Albeit it took roughly 9-12 months off my life. Totally worth it.


Dora said...

What the hell are they doing rolling a giant stuffed black bear through your office area? How come we never get stuffed bears in our office? Who do I see about this?

Chuck said...

I not only would have screamed like a little girl, I would need to go home to put on clean underwear.


j.h.k. said...

no photo?