Monday, July 14, 2008

Dude, I Totally Got to Go on the Field

On Saturday I went to a Dodgers game. I love baseball for many, many reasons but one of the main reasons that it's basically an excuse to eat food I normally pass up and drink beer outside. The Saturday night game at Dodger's stadium came with the added benefit of fireworks. As I am a 3 year old and impressed with shiny things and lights, I needed to see them. Especially since this last 4th of July I was sick and working (good times). So to the game I went. While there I enjoyed the fact that Los Angeles Dodger's 'fans' aren't actually fans of baseball. They are instead fans of hitting around inflatable balls and drinking. I knew I loved this town for a reason. The non watching of the game aspect of the night kind of annoyed Sera, who actually watched and paid attention, but I was happy to sit back, drink a beer and watch people get beaned in the head by plastic balls. This is hilarity at it's finest, I assure you.

After the game was over (we lost, I was later told) we sat back to enjoy the fireworks. That's when they announced that our section got to go sit on the field. Let's repeat that, I got to go sit on the field at Dodger's Stadium. Drunk. And watch fireworks. And this is why Saturday was one of the best yet most surreal nights I have had in a long, long time.

What the Stadium looks like from the field:

Beer with a straw. Because I roll classy:

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Chuck said...

Sounds like a total blast!!!