Monday, July 21, 2008

Now THAT Was a Week

Sera has headed back to New York. In her wake she has left a thoroughly exhausted me. I had a ridiculous amount of fun, drank and purchased far too much wine and am now trying to figure out how it's already over. So now, some pictures as my brain is all melty from the driving and activity thus making it difficult to put together words.

The grounds at Pine Ridge Vineyards. So pretty. Which is good as I spent all my money there and it's nice to have a good view when you are handing over your savings for a bottle of wine. (I'm VERY responsible)

Highway 1 is awesome. And windy.

And... there would be more but blogger is being a douche and I can't upload them. Just know that near Big Sur there was a squirrel out for my blood and I got pictures of it.

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Sera said...

Shockingly I like both of these pictures ... even though I took one of them!! Apparently I was listening about that whole "framing" thing. Or I got damn lucky. Whatever.