Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lamest Injury Ever

Did you know that you can get hurt playing golf? Because you can. I am basically a T. Rex as I can't unbend my arms. Apparently I am so out of shape that a sport played by my 85 year old grandfather has felled me. It's super awesome being veal.

On the plus side I now own a golf glove (scented with aloe, because nothing says sexy like 1 very fragrant hand) and a club. Also, at the driving range I didn't hit anyone with the balls AND the club stayed in my hands instead of comically flying out which I imagined it doing. Sure, I did hit a ball straight up in the air and had to duck as it came flying towards my head, but it missed me and I think that counts for something.

As soon as I can move my arms I fully intend on doing it again. Why? Because you get to hit shit AND wear fancy accessories. These are two of my favorite things.


kel said...

I just wanna know: What color was the scented glove, and do they make it for tennis?

Dora said...

But such funny veal. I'm sure the other veal are jealous!

liz said...

I'm not sure if you conveyed just how SEXY you felt wearing one aloe scented white glove.