Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Paid Someone to Punch Me in the Leg

Tonight a friend and I went to a new reflexology place. For about the first 55 minutes of my session I contemplated driving home, getting my cats and a pillow and then setting up permanent residence inside the studio. This was until the dude started punching me in the leg. Hard. And repeatedly. I understand this was supposed to 'feel good' but how in God's name is getting punched in the leg in the same class as massage? I don't think this was actually part of any technique. It was more part of the 'will blissed out white girl complain?'... I did not. I let the guy punch me in the leg and then I tipped him. It's what I do. The best part is a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with extreme anemia. If a fly lands on me I bruise. So methinks that tomorrow I am going to look like I was in a bar fight with a midget. I plan on wearing a skirt and telling people that is exactly what happened. It's a far better story than 'I got punched in the leg and then tipped him'.

The thing is the rest of it was so amazing and I plan on going back. Often. Except next time if the dude goes to punch me I'm going to strike first and run out as fast as my bruised legs can carry me.

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