Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Scene From the Day

At a Jiffy Lube type establishment getting my oil changed before tomorrow's road trip

Guy: Is this a turbo?

Me: No idea. I put the key in and it goes.

Guy: Does it require synthetic oil?

Me: No idea. I put the key in and it goes.

Guy: (Opening mouth to ask next question)

Me: Seriously dude, it will just be wasted breath. This is what I know about cars: mine has 4 doors and that thing in the middle of the steering wheel makes the horn honk.

Guy nods and moves on realizing that I am in no way joking or exaggerating.

Sera and I then celebrated my vast knowledge of cars and new (synthetic) oil over lunch with wine.


gamerbri said...

lol ok and here is the reason a lot of people get ripped off at those types of places. oh girl I really did have to laugh at this exchange. I have had the same convo with an old girlfriend of mine. Have fun on your roadtrip.

Dora said...

But isn't the "pro" supposed to know all that just by knowing the make and year of your car??? Isn't that what they went to school for?...Oh they didn't? oops!