Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well Hello

Excuse me if words are misspelled. I am the drunken. I just had a fabulous evening with my senior year prom date wherein we discussed our impending 10 year reunion over far too much wine. He will be my date, yet again, as we are the only 2 unmarried souls in our very Whiskey Tango reunion. We will cling to each other and do shots, as we are classy and apparently, un-dateable.

I have recently had my heart bruised by a boy. As such, I have declared wine a moral imperative. I tell you, this whole dating thing? Fucking bullshit. I tend to be a very open and honest person, as such I get hurt more easily. And I am tired of it. Tired of putting myself out there only to have my heart trampled and stomped open. I feel run over. Not cool, dude, not cool at all. Thusly, I will drink of the wine and celebrate with my friends. We will cheers to life and the chance of love, but ultimately happiness, in whatever form it comes. Until then I will hold out hope, cause a scene, make fun of idiots and generally find the humor in day to day life.

Men..UCK. I need some sanity. And perhaps another glass of Cab.


gamerbri said...

hey hey M, I know how you feel I was having the same issue with you women. But believe me when I say our times do come. When I wasn't even looking I found the woman of my dreams. Hey, that might be it maybe you are looking at the wrong gender... Lol Just kidding there just keep you head up.

Anonymous said...

You will see, everything will be all right! You will find the man of ur dreams