Monday, July 07, 2008

Nerd Flu

I have the Nerd Flu. This is because it is a cold caused by utter lameness. You see, I had to work an event allllll weekend. This means I didn't get my patented 'sitting on the couch' time. I also had to interact with the general public. Ergo, I am now crazy sick. And so is my assistant. On the plus side due to the Nerd Flu I have gotten to work from home so as to not infect others. Working in ones underpants is significantly more preferable to having to dress like a grown up.

There will be more later when my brain is less woozy. It's like being drunk, but cheaper and less fun. Stupid nerd flu.

1 comment:

gamerbri said...

Good luck with that Nerd Flu, sounds like it's kicking you in the but a bit.