Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Scene From the Day

Me, driving home from seeing Batman on the phone with Liz.

Me: It was awesome. And Matthew Perry was there.

Liz: That's the one from Friends, right?

Me: (30 second pause) Yes. Please tell me you watched Friends. It was Chanadeler Bong!

Liz: I did. I am just bad with the names.

Me: Ah yes, I remember now. Phew, we can remain friends.

Liz: Good. What are you doing now?

Me: Headed home. I plan on meditating on my motherfucking sadness.

Liz: I love it when you curse.

Me: Because it's like seeing Snow White do a line of blow?

Liz: Pretty much. You should curse more.

Me: Perhaps I will do that after the motherfucking meditation.

Liz: Yay!

And then I went home and thought long and hard about how I have been advised by 4 people to meditate on my sadness and how this would help me to heal. Then I had cookie and watched Gilmore Girls instead. I think I made the right choice.


Becky said...

Sorry you are going through your clouds too.

But seriously, how could a cookie and Loreli and Rori NOT help?!?! Good choice!

kel said...

Might I suggest a little retail therapy? That or some good drugs. Either way, it'll cure what ales you instantly (albeit temporarily). Seriously. It's the LA way.

Chuck said...
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Chuck said...

Wasn't his name Chandler Bing?

I'd like to see Snow White do a line of blow. That sounds like fun!!

Becky said...

Clearly Chuck isn't a Friends fan.

Chanadeler Bong was the name that was on his TV Guide subscription.