Tuesday, September 09, 2008


- I am having an excellent hair day. Thanks Universe. This however makes me sad as my hair lady is moving to NY. Damn you New York and your tempting ways! Who's gonna give me kick ass highlights now? Who damnit? Who? (no seriously, anyone got a recommend?)

- A friend and I are planning a potential trip to Central America. I am wicked excited about this for many, many reasons and am hoping it comes to fruition. However, there is one thing I am not excited about: planes with propellers. We are flying into the capital city but to get to the actual rain forest and beach area we would either have to drive 3.5 hours through treacherous Central American roads (seriously the hotel people on the website are all 'if you are crazy, you can attempt the drive), or we can fly 20 minutes on a plane with fucking propellers. Being as I have panic attacks on 747s I have no idea what my body would do when forced to deal with a tinker toy they call an 'airplane'. I am thinking vomit and hair loss will be involved. I'll keep you updated. Perhaps you all can send me a care package filled with Valium and M&Ms?

- Last night I went to an improv show. Man, I love me some improv. I especially love it on Mondays, which in general suck donkey dick due to the end of weekend and start of the stress and the work and the wearing of pants and having to dress/act like a responsible adult. However, improv following this type of Monday is an excellent cure all. Especially since there is a BYOB policy.


gamerbri said...

Man if you have panic attacks in 747 you are for sure not going to like the small planes. I have been in them only a couple of times. And I didn't know planes were made to fly sideways. Just have some more vodka and hope for the best.

Latent Image said...

On the plus side, if your hair falls out you wont need those kick ass highlights.

Dimplz said...

Take the plane. It really isn't that safe to drive through a country especially if you don't speak Spanish and don't blend in so well. I was in Honduras in July and if it wasn't for me getting us out of a few situations with my Spanish-speaking, some of the people would have been in serious hot water with the police.