Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend: A Recap

- Since Friday I have spent $60 on vampire books geared towards 12 year olds and I LOVE them. There is no shame in my game, at all. Feel free to ask me how I spent my Sunday night (hint: reading said books and texting people about how awesome they are)

- Also on Friday I went to the Hollywood Bowl to the Sound of Music sing along. It is hilarious and I highly recommend doing it next year if you are in LA. You will see me as my friends and I will be participating in the costume contest as apparently, a Sound of Music sing along just wasn't gay enough without a costume parade.

- Yesterday I went to a very fancy bar and it was lovely. On the way there, however, I totally almost died when a dude who was texting on his cell phone didn't see the light was red and just went on through missing our car by about 2 inches. Luckily my friend Kat has reflexes like an um, real cat, and slammed on her brakes while swerving. I now know how my friends react in an emergency. Kat- cool under pressure, Liz- screams very loudly and finally me- screams a stream of obscenities while waving right hand in a one fingered salute. Due to this experience wherein my life flashed before my eyes (recap: boring, lots of cheese) I decided to fall WAAAAYYYYYY off the diet wagon. The amount of carbohydrates I have consumed in the last 24 hours can not be calculated by modern science. This is bad for many reasons. One, my expensive acupuncturist will yell at me and two, I have my 10 year high school reunion in T-Minus 5 days and my ass needs to fit in some very tight and low slung pants. Perhaps the Carbohydrate Gods will take pity on my poor near death ass and process the bread, wine and candy as though it is lettuce? Doubtful, but I will continue to operate under the illusion that wish is possible until Friday when I will have a nervous break down.

- I topped off the weekend by watching Josh Groban rap on the Emmys. It was uncomfortable.


Deidre said...

Oh, wow I totally feel your pain about the diet wagon. When I was seventeen, my doctor suggested I cut gluten out of my diet and processed sugar.

I found once fallen off the wagon, its much harder to climb back on.

votecjw said...

I agree, the Josh Groban singing theme songs way waaaay uncomfortable. How about when he sung the South Park theme song? Just weird.
I want to call your doctor and give her/him a piece of my mind. Eating just meat is ridiculous. Particularly because a) you are a girl and need calcium b) carbs aren't all that bad c) we like cheese and should be allowed to consume it as we wish
That diet just sounds stressful to me.

liz said...

Word of advice. When your friend is falling off the no-carb wagon, nay, wearing a cape and protective gear in preparation for flinging herself off said wagon, DO NOT suggest she stop. Or she will try to smother you with that cape, and then jump up and down on your dead body while inhaling a loaf of bread.

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

I am addicted to your blog by the are a wickedly funny writer.
And I wanted to confess that I somehow got sucked into the "Twilight" craze meant for teens too. Who freaking knew a damn teen vamp would steal my thoughts so often?
best of luck