Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That's Interesting

Since returning to LA I have talked to Liz and our unnamed cohort many times. In each conversation I learn a new detail of our trip that I have conveniently blocked out. (read: too much vodka). Apparently after leaving my glasses in the underwear models room and discovering this 10 minutes later when I touched my face and was able to touch my eye without glass in the way I turned into the ultimate drama queen. Things I apparently shouted while flailing my arms:

'Oh my God! Without my glasses I am legally blind!' - this is in no way true, things are legally mildly fuzzy but I can see everything that's not in fine print

'We are going to be stuck in Vegas! I have to get back to my cats!' - Glad to know that I bring my felines into my meltdowns. And apparently have forgotten that companions also have driving licenses and there are miracle machines called 'airplanes'

'What if they step on them?' - Legitimate concern as the model thought he was getting ass, he did not and was decidedly not pleased with my 'thanks but no thanks' and then RUNNING AT FULL SPEED from his room. Odd that.

I am sure more details will emerge within the next few days and I will be equally mortified/amused. Then I will promise to never, ever drink again. Or become the Ultimate Drama Queen of the Whole Universe. Then I will mix myself a cocktail and say 'fuck it, shit happens'.


Chuck said...

So how did it go when you asked for your glasses back. Did he think you had changed your mind, only go be shot down again? LOL

Serves him right.

Becky said...

I love your blog - and have been laughing all morning about your new Vegas story... Please, keep writing!

gamerbri said...

I would have to agree with becky I am so enjoying this one. keep up the great work.

kel said...

This is funny. And does make me wonder if you got your glasses back?