Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Jesus,

Hey big guy.... I know that my actions last weekend kind of pissed you off. Big time. But did you really need to give me a flu like cold aka The Summer Plague? I mean, I've been really good lately. I hang out with the cats and have stopped yelling at people in traffic (at least loud enough for them to hear me). I think these actions should allow me a little fun. Ok, ok, a lot of fun. I mean, Jesus, you saw that guy, he was really hot. Like David Beckham hot. I feel I should be allowed, no, not just allowed GIVEN the chance to make out with gentlemen like this on a regular basis. Perhaps we can strike a deal, you send me a dude that looks like that but also has more than two brain cells and I will stop making fun of people (loud enough for them to hear me). And if you could also take away the horrible death cold I would be greatly appreciative. I would even bake you cookies. So, do we have a deal Jesus?

Me aka 'totally don't regret it... did you see his ass?'

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