Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Conversation

The following is a conversation I had with a friend tonight. I had introduced her to the Target box o' wine glory a few weeks ago and let her know that they also had single serving ones. Tonight she went to check them out.

Her: The single serving wine looks like juice boxes!

Me: You should take them in your lunch. They make work exciting.

Her: Good point. They are just so cute.

Me: Yes, welcome to my wonderful world of adorable and convenient alcoholism.

Her: Thanks, and well put.

Then I drank a glass of box wine in her honor. It's truly a classy existence, mine, but I like it.


Dora said...

OMG! My boyfriend and I were at the wine outlet and saw the individual wine boxes and he said that they would be just great for my kids'school lunches(in jest of course). He had me laughing so hard....imagine taking them for work? Imagine the conversation at lunch? Hmm... But seriously, what was the marketing department thinking when came up with this?

Lish said...

I have never been so excited about a "glass" of wine in my life as I was yesterday while having this conversation with our dear author!

I actually brought one of these little gems to the office today for a little "show and tell". I may also keep one in my desk next to my secret stash of darvocet for those REALLY rough days...) and EVERYONE was giggling and joking about it. I thought for a brief moment that their excitement would allow me the opportunity to slam it down during the morning staff meeting but alas, it is safely tucked away in my lunch box...still full...awaiting 6pm.

3 cheers for boxed wine in juice-box like containers!!!

Anonymous said...

this is so going to encourage alcoholism in the work place...

i love it!