Monday, April 21, 2008

The Massage Part Deux

Yeah, I totally paid the guy for basically poking me with a stick and calling it a massage. Why? Because I hate confrontation pretty much more than anything in the world. I avoid it almost as vigilantly as I avoid exercise. Sure I talk a good game and tell stories about how, for example, the girl who promised me a cupcake didn't bring me said cupcake and I almost chased her down the hall and ripped off her skull like a cheetah...but in reality? I smiled and waved. I am so that girl.

Also I was afraid that if I said something whilst laying on the table he would have freaked out. And then my naked chubby butt would have had to hightail it out of the room. More than confrontation I fear having a roomful of strangers see me naked and running. Ergo, I just laid there. And prayed for death.

Oh? And even worse? I tipped him. Yeah. I did. Because he was standing there staring at me with his undead eyes and even more than I fear confrontation I fear having my blood sucked out. And then I came home and wrote about him on the internet. Vengeance is mine! In a totally non confrontational and pathetic way. Thanks Blogger!

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Dora said...

OMG! You are so describing me!! I would have done everything exactly the same way. And by the don't lose it when you get older....