Sunday, April 27, 2008


Summer has come early to Southern California. Today it was 96 degrees at my house and my air conditioner keeps making my fuses explode. Ergo, I am warm. When I signed up for LA livin' I knew it would come with traffic and giant fake boobs, I did not know however that it would also include living on the surface of the sun. Neither my cats nor I are happy today and we have all huddled around the computer and researched real estate in Portland. It looks cooler there.

On the plus side, I have root beer and lemonade (and cake) and every few hours I have deja vu of my childhood spent in the dessert. If I had some sprinklers to run through I think I wouldn't mind the skin melting off my body. This is yet another reason that I need a home with a yard. The first reason is ,of course, so I can own a hammock and sit in it all day. But, if I had a yard I would be outside wearing pigtails and running through the sprinklers. And that would be good.

Perhaps I should go ask a neighbor to turn a hose on me?

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