Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today at work some girl gave me cookies. I do not know her name but whenever she walks past my office I smile real big like in the hopes that she will bring me a cake next. They were some incredibly tasty cookies and it's what I had for lunch. It's part of my 'health kick', by which I mean I don't care and will eat it... especially if it's at least 90% carb.

But, seriously if more people just walked up and gave me cookies I would be a very happy person. We should put this into law. That and we should do away with any meeting over 30 minutes long because I have the attention span of a gnat on coke. This is not an exaggeration. Today I was in a meeting and listening and then at the thirty minute mark noticed I had a split end. Which then spiraled into staring at everyone else's hair and then thinking about that show on Bravo with that hair guy Jonathan and then thinking about how Bravo let Project Runway go and then I started thinking about Posh Spice. My mind is a special place that is mostly just a hamster on a wheel. At least the wheel is sparkly and pink.

And now it's time to go pack. Again. I swear I should just move directly into LAX as it would really cut down on the parking costs.

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