Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dinner With AJ

Tonight I had dinner with my friend AJ. It was an elegant affair at a salad bar. You know it's a classy joint by the fact that as soon as we sat down, the woman seated in the next booth threw her child up in the air...and then child threw up everywhere. Mmmm, is that lemon I smell? What wonderful, idiot of a parent decides that hey, my child just ate, here's a good time to spin them and turn them upside down? And then just stands there, staring at it for 5 minutes? Why it's the wonderful idiot that I will always get seated directly next to. I am blessed.

It was a good dinner (after things got mopped up) however as it was one of those nights where everything is funny. We decided to give slogans to each female oriented cable networks. I would like to share my two favorites with you:

We! have vaginas and if you are watching you more than likely do to.

Hallmark Channel: No one has touched your vagina for a long, long time. So here, please enjoy this episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

It's a bit wordy but I think it will catch on.


AJ said...

They get my vote for sure.

Sunshine said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the We! comment! how funny.