Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Week Seems Long

Question, how in God's name is it only Wednesday? No, seriously. For real, this week has a secret extra day. Perhaps twelve of them. By my calculations it's actually May 19th. Stupid long seeming week.

It's possibly also long seeming as I just got home from work and it's 10:20 PM. Sure, it's this late as I had a work event after the official work day, but work events aren't fun by the traditional definition. One can't truly relax when sitting across from CEOs and heads of departments that control your salary. Also there was talk of deadlines and checking of BlackBerrys. Obsessively. This is not my idea of 'a fun night out', it's technically 'not fun, please for the love of everything holy let me go sit on my couch'. At least there was wine. If there weren't I believe I would have set myself on fire and run out of the restaurant 3 hours ago. Because I'm subtle.

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Dora said...

Well no wonder you think there are some secret days in this week. You are packing in two work day hours into one day! You're doubling them up!

Hope the last couple of days are a bit easier and I hope you have a great weekend.