Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I have never lived in Minnesota. However, I often sound as though I was conceived, born and raised within the beating heart of Minneapolis. For some reason I get a twang that is decided Fargo, and it's not something I am proud of. I literally have to fight it to sound completely bland and normal. Many a time someone has said, 'where are you from, Ohio?' And no, no I'm not.

However, when I go to Canada twice in 6 days I come back sounding as I have maple running through my veins (ok, I probably do). I have the heaviest Canadian accent ever heard in the history of the world. Mike Myers would be proud. I notice it in my own voice and am annoying the crap out of myself. I even started to end a sentence with 'eh' but punched myself in the face just in the knick of time. Good thing I have quick reflexes.

On the plus side I am amusing friends when the call me. There's a pause and then a ' sound different'. Oh, I do, eh? Maybe that's because I fly to Canada every 18 hours, sleep in haunted hotels (no joke, ghosts, the whole 10 yards, it was bad) and then fly back again. Life is awesome.

It will probably be at least a couple of weeks before I head north again, just long enough to remember how to correctly pronounce words containing the letter O.

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Chuck said...

You must tell about the haunted hotel!! (eh?)