Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Most Tired Person in the History of the World

That would be me. I am back from Canada, again. I contend my hotel room last night was haunted as I was able to sleep about 20 minutes on and off due to horrible nightmares.

On the plus side, I found amazing maple donuts in the airport. I basically rolled around on the floor having a religious experience and then ordering another. It was that good. These donuts are reason enough to move to Canada or you know, fly there every other day.

Also, Bill Pullman was on my plane. I recognized him but the only movie I could remember him being in? Casper. Which A) made me feel like a huge dork because I have seen Casper and B) made me feel like a huge dork as I should know other movies he has been in. Then I ate another donut and forgot about Bill Pullman.

Viva Canada!

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Anonymous said...

Yayy airport food! The Philadelphia airport has the best pretzels this side of the galaxy. Mmmmm mmmm! Lady, we need to chat sometime soon.
Your anon friend Christina who is an idiot and can't figure out how to use blogger.