Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A New Plan

So as we all know I am not dating and have declared a ban on all men. It's good times except doesn't really reduce my stress. It does the exact opposite as a matter of fact. Since dating is not on the table I need something new to funnel my energy into. I tried wearing pajama pants and sitting on the couch while drinking wine. I also tried working 14 hours a day. Neither of these worked. Thus the new plan which I like to call 'Kickin' shit (and whatnot)'.

This plan involves the following: Kick boxing and, well... whatnot. I am clever with the naming and details, no? I think this plan will help get me out of the house and one step further away from being a cat lady. It will also help reduce the rage which is generally hurled at other drivers. It will also help my aim.

The plan goes into action the first day that my brain isn't melted from all the working. Stupid brain.

1 comment:

Sunshine said...

good luck with the kick boxing and whatnot... i keep telling myself since i am going to give up the idea of ever dating again is hould get into working out... hasnt happened! maybe you will inspire me.