Monday, March 31, 2008

I Have Issues

To help keep my sanity I am planning my next vacation. It will be sometime in September and will more than likely be all on my lonesome. I have narrowed it down to roughly 1900 places. They range from Alaska to Russia and everywhere in between. However, I have a top two: an ashram in upstate New York or a beach cabin in Carmel. I have always wanted to go to an ashram and this one comes highly recommended. And it's fall! In the east! With the leaves changing! However...the beach cabin is slightly ahead. Why, you ask? Because I can take my cats.


I totally said it. I might as well just get a perm and stirrup pants and call it a day.


Dora said...

Stetchy stir-up pants.... with elastic waist!

Kidding aside, either location sounds really wonderful and very relaxing....very envious!!

gamerbri said...

wow that sounds like some nice plans. but the stretchy pants are a little much. get sexy and maybe you can land one of those rich carmel guys. Hey it could happen.