Sunday, May 04, 2008

10 Years Approaches

On Friday I had a summit with two friends from high school. This summit was held over expensive pasta and very good wine, as all summit's should be. During our conversation we discussed the impending doom that is our 10 year reunion. We also discussed the fact that we are quite possibly the only three people from our graduating class who are not, have not been, and are not in the process of getting married. This caused us to drink more.

The drinking lead for a summit move to my living room where the sacred bible of high school reunions is kept: The Yearbook. Man, I made some bad hair and wardrobe choices. Also, apparently I have successfully blocked out 99.99% of the time between 1994-1998, and this? Brings joy to my heart. Although it will make for an awkward reunion as I feel the vast majority of it will me staring blankly at people while they attempt to describe a class we had together. More than likely that won't happen though as I was queen of the nerds and socialized with approximately 12 people. And those 12 people and I plan on attending the reunion together where we will get very drunk and make catty comments about people.

Ergo, it will be just like every other weekend except this one will be in a desert and I will be carrying an emergency hip flask. In fact, we all will. This was part of the summit decision. That and a car service. We plan ahead.


Chuck said...

Ah good times. I remember the night of my 10 year reunion. It was a blast. I drank and partied and carried on. It was SOOO much fun.

Of course, I didn't attend the reunion or I wouldn't have had any fun at all. I hated the people in my school then and I haven't changed my opinion yet.


Sunshine said...

Everytime i hear someone talking about a H.S. reunion I say a little thank you prayer that my high school doesnt do those.

Christina said...

Yeah, you better not wear those shoes to the ranch!